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淄博友谊泌尿医院治疗阳痿多少钱淄博治疗急性非淋医院Londons insurance market伦敦保险市场Risky business为风险投资Londons position as world-leader in insurance is under threat伦敦在保险市场的老大地位受到威胁FROM the doomed Titanic, an ocean liner (1m), to the legs of Cristiano Ronaldo, a footballer (144m), some of the biggest and most unusual risks have been taken on by the London insurance market, the oldest and largest in the world. Started more than 300 years ago in a coffee shop in Tower Street run by Edward Lloyd, the market was first thought up to share the hazards of mercantile trading adventures. It grew with the empire.难逃劫数的远洋客轮泰坦尼克号(保险额1百万美元)和克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多的一条腿(保险额1亿4千4百万美元),分别是历史最悠久,规模最大的伦敦保险市场上投保最大和最特别的例子。发迹于300年前塔街爱德华·劳埃德(Edward Lloyd)的咖啡馆,保险最初是为了分担商业贸易的风险。保险随着大英帝国的崛起而红火起来。Cyber-risk wasnt a problem for Mr Lloyd网络风险对于劳埃德来说并不成问题Today, the sector employs 48,000 people, makes up 21% of the Citys economy and underpins global industries like aviation (57% of whose insurance is underwritten in London) and shipping (33%). One tenth of global commercial insurance and 13% of reinsurance is underwritten in London, making the market roughly the same size as its three closest rivals—Bermuda, Singapore and Zurich—combined.现在,有4800人在保险行业工作,保险行业占伦敦经济的21%,撑着像航空(57%的保险都在伦敦承保)和航运(33%)等全球产业。全球商业保险的十分之一以及再保险的13%都在伦敦承保,使得伦敦的保险业务规模达到了其最接近的三个对手—百慕大、新加坡和苏黎世—保险业务之和。However, a study published on November 10th by the London Market Group, which represents the industry, and Boston Consulting Group, a consultancy, says Londons dominant position is under threat. While the rest of the City was forced to reform in recent decades, the insurance industry has remained largely unchanged. The report reckons as much as 40% of Londons current insurance business is now at risk of going elsewhere.但是,11月10日,作为保险业顾问的波士顿咨询集团和伦敦市场研究小组联合发布的调查结果声称伦敦保险业的主导地位正受到威胁。当伦敦的其他行业在近几十年来被迫改变的时候,保险业却基本一成不变。这份报告估计多达40%的伦敦现有保险业务将会流向别处。Emerging markets accounted for 43% of world growth in the commercial insurance industry over the past three years—the Chinese market alone grew by 18% annually over that period. Yet London only managed to capture 0.5% of that growth. Its share of emerging markets fell to 2.5% in 2013 from 3.2% in 2010. The London market is also losing out to competitors in reinsurance (the insurance of insurers), where its share has fallen from 15% to 13% and is expected to drop further. The big threats here come from new market entrants (such as hedge funds) and expanding competitors such as Bermuda (whose reinsurance grew by 5%) and Singapore (10%).在过去三年里,新兴市场在全球商业保险增长率中占有43%——仅中国市场就以每年18%的速度增长。但是伦敦却仅仅只占全球增长的0.5%。伦敦市场在新兴市场中的份额由2010的3.2%下降到2013年的2.5%。伦敦市场在再保险业务(保险人的保险)方面也输给了竞争对手,其再保险业务从市场中的15%下降到13%,据预计这个还会进一步下降。最大的威胁来自于市场的新进入者(比如对冲基金)和不断扩张的竞争对手比如百慕大(再保险业务增长了5%)和新加坡(10%)。Perhaps the biggest challenge lies in finding solutions for new types of corporate risks. These include reputation- and cyber-risk. The insurance industry has failed to keep up with changing business needs and some chief executives say that as much as 90% of their corporate risks are currently not insurable, because nobody has come up with the right products.或许最大的挑战来自为新型企业风险寻找不一样的解决方案。这些风险包括企业声誉和来自网络的风险。保险业未能跟上不断变化的商业需求,一些首席执行官说因为保险业的滞后,没有人提出合适的方案,90%的企业风险目前都不能投保。The industry remains strangely old-fashioned. Only 35% of its workforce have a university degree, compared with 60% for the workforce in central London. It has also failed to compete on cost, with burdensome regulations and higher transaction costs adding up. Investors are pouring new capital into the wider insurance market. Customers have plenty of choice.保险业依旧是奇怪的老样子。从事保险业的员工仅有35%拥有大学学位,而在伦敦中心工作的人拥有大学学位的比例达到了60%。繁重的规章制度加上越来越高的交易成本使得保险业在成本方面也落后于其他行业。投资者把资本投向更广阔的保险市场。客户也有更多的选择。There is plenty London could do to improve, says the report. It needs to shift its focus to emerging markets and to high growth sectors. It also needs to lead the way in adopting the latest technological innovations to measure and predict risk. There have been great advances in telematics, for example. One device is a box increasingly used in cars to assess individual drivers behaviour, which makes it easier to assess the risk of insuring them. Mr Lloyd might have approved of such radical innovation.报告还称伦敦保险业还可以做很多改变。它需要将重心转移到新兴市场和高增长领域。它还需要引领科技潮流,采用最新科技创新来计算和预测风险。例如已经在远程信息处理上取得的重大进步,一个盒子外形的装置被逐渐应用到汽车上,使得评估投保人风险变得更加容易。劳埃德已经批准了这一突破性的创新。译者:胡雅琳 校对:崔梦雪 译文属译生译世 /201411/343667淄博友谊治疗前列腺怎样 淄博如何治疗和克服早泄

淄博什么医院有检测精子的淄博广电医院治疗男性不育多少钱 Northern Michigans tourism industry is huge. Likely this summer alone you or someone you know has headed up that way at least once.At first blush, that sounds as though all that tourism is nothing but great for the economy. It creates a lot of jobs at businesses like restaurants and hotels.But as more visitors buy beachfront properties and real estate prices rise, its proving really hard for folks working in the tourism and service industries to find affordable housing.Leelanau County Commissioner Ty Wessel is trying to do something about that.Wessel is part of a newly formed affordable housing task force.;County government has only a limited role, but we think its a leadership role,; he says. ;Our real goal as a housing task force will be to get the right people at the table … and not only educating our community about our needs but working on ways to attract developers to provide more affordable housing.;Wessel says as it stands now, many workers in Leelanau County have to spend up to 60% of their take-home pay on housing and transportation, ;and thats just not affordable.;Businesses are having a hard time finding and holding on to workers, but the effects of the housing situation reach further than that, according to Wessel.Because its so hard for people living and working in the county to buy homes there, he tells us that school enrollment is down 16% in the last decade, and that many families are struggling to afford childcare and are being forced to commute unreasonable distances to work.;It is an issue that our schools and our employers and our families and our churches and our villages and townships are all concerned about,; he says.Wessel tells us the task force plans to work on building partnerships with businesses and nonprofit organizations, review the areas zoning laws, and work with the Michigan Housing Commission, all to figure out how to create greater incentives for companies to bring more affordable housing to the area.There is some concern surrounding the cost of the venture, but the task force is determined to do right by their struggling workers. Wessel says theyre confident that, ;if we do it right, we can keep the cost down without compromising on quality, and we think there is a market for that.;- Ryan Grimes, Stateside201507/388822淄博友谊男科电话

高青县第二人民医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱Angola安哥拉Still much too oily依然很油腻Angola badly needs to diversify its one-dimensional economy安国急需多样化经济以取代单一经济体系FROM the top of the Fortaleza de Sao Miguel, a 16th-century Portuguese citadel that once dominated the Angolan capital, you see an army of cranes erecting high-rise offices, fancy hotels and blocks of smart flats. Luandas traffic zooms below on an eight-lane highway, as pedestrians amble among palm trees or play basketball on the Marginal, a renovated, spotless promenade. “You almost forget you are in sub-Saharan Africa,” says a foreign businessman well acquainted with the region.在Fortaleza de Sao Miguel这座曾统治安哥拉首都的城堡上面,你可以看到一队起重机大军正在建造高大的办公厅、奢华的酒店和一幢幢精致的公寓。首都罗安达的交通在一条八车道的高速公路上尤为繁忙,行人们在Marginal这条新修筑的几乎完美地大街上的棕榈树下信步、打篮球。“差点忘了自己是在撒哈拉以南的非洲。”一位对该地区十分熟悉的外国商人如是说。Such a view would have been unimaginable only 12 years ago when Angolas devastating 27-year civil war had just ended, leaving it a basket case. The economy and infrastructure were in tatters. Health and education systems barely existed.如此的景象在十二年前是无法想象的,那时安哥拉刚刚结束持续了27年的毁灭性内战,留下了一堆烂摊子。国民经济和基础设施破坏殆尽。医疗系统教育系统几乎等于没有。Since then the former Portuguese colony has grown rapidly thanks to oil. Crude production increased from 800,000 barrels a day (b/d) in 2003 to almost 2m b/d in 2008. The economy expanded by more than 10% a year, making it seem one of the most buoyant in the world. Today Angolas GDP is the fifth-biggest in Africa.从那时开始,这个曾经为葡萄牙殖民地的国家在石油的帮助下迅速发展。原油产量从2003年的每天八十万桶增至2008年的约每天两百万桶。每年的经济增幅超过百分之十,这使安哥拉成为全世界经济增长最快的国家。如今安哥拉的GDP排名全非第五。The pace of economic activity is frenetic. In downtown Luanda developers plan to put up still more skyscrapers and in July the first grand shopping mall is set to open its doors and tempt shoppers with Armani, Hugo Boss and Prada. In the rest of the country, the government is spending billions of dollars on roads, railways, airports and energy projects.安哥拉的经济活力强大到狂热。在卢安达市区开发商们计划将更多地天大楼计划提上议案,而在七月份全市第一个超级市场即将开业,里面的阿玛尼、雨果斯和普拉达等奢侈品品牌吸引着消费者们。在这个国家的其他地方,政府斥资数十亿美元修建公路、铁路、机场及能源设施。Yet the days of sky-high growth are coming to an end. During and after a downturn in and 2010, caused by a crash in oil prices, Angolan policymakers were confident that the economy would quickly regain its swagger. But with oil output more or less stagnant since , when it dropped to 1.8m b/d, the government has been forced to lower its expectations. Jose Eduardo dos Santos, the president since 1979, said in October that growth in 2013 would be 5.1%, well below the target of 7.1%. In fact it will end up at 4.1%, reckons the IMF.不过,经济高增长的好日子即将到头。由于受到了、2010年油价大跌的影响,安哥拉进入了经济低迷期,而这个国家的决策者们自信本国的经济将很快重回正轨。然而年原油产量输出并不景气,所以当产量跌至每天一百八十万桶时,政府不得不降低它的预期。Jose Eduardo dos Santos这位自1979年连任至今的国家总统,在十月声明说2013年的增幅为百分之五点一,明显低于目标的百分之七点一。实际上据国际货币基金组织测算增幅仅仅为百分之四点一。Nor is it expected to speed up again in the next few years. Most foreign analysts reckon that predictions by Sonangol, the state oil company, that production will return to 2m b/d next year are unrealistic. Many think 5% GDP growth will be Angolas lot for the time being.安哥拉的经济也并不被期待能在近几年内再次崛起。国有石油公司Sonangol公司预测明年原油产量将恢复每天两百万桶,而此举被大多数国外分析家认为是不现实的。他们中许多人认为百分之五的GDP增幅将成为安哥拉现今的救命稻草。This could herald big changes for the country. Crucially, it will press the ruling Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (known by its Portuguese acronym, MPLA) to do more to diversify the economy. Oil accounts for 97% of exports and almost 80% of state revenues. Last year the government posted its first budget deficit since .这也许预示了这个国家即将发生改变。最重要的是,这将迫使执政党——安哥拉人民解放运动(即为人所熟知的MPLA,葡文首字母缩写)采取更多手段来使经济多样化。石油产业产生了百分之九十七的出口贸易额和约百分之八十的国家税收收入。去年是政府自年首次公开预算赤字。All the same, parts of the non-oil sector are thriving. The banking, telecoms, construction, drinks and retail industries are doing well, fuelled by the rise of a new (though still small) middle class. Manufacturing is picking up, from a very low base. The effects are beginning to be felt on the ground. Luanda, which ranks alongside Tokyo and London as one of the worlds most expensive cities for expatriates, is becoming slightly cheaper. “I bought sliced mangoes in a supermarket for the equivalent of .50 the other day,” says a foreign banker. “Not long ago, they would have cost me .”同样的,部分非石油行业也十分繁荣。业,电信业,建筑业,酿酒业和零售业均发展势头良好,因为这个国家新兴的中产阶级正在崛起(虽然数量不多)。制造业正在从非常低的基础开始发展。它们所产生的影响正在扩大。卢安达这座可以与世界上移民花费最贵的东京和伦敦比肩的城市正在变得越来越廉价。“有一天我在超市里买了价值1.5美元的芒果片,”一个外籍柜员说。“不久前,这些芒果片的价格是5美元。”Greasy palms油棕榈Yet Angola remains a difficult place for investors and entrepreneurs. In the World Banks latest “ease of doing business” survey, the country ranks 179th out of 189. Enforcing a contract through Angolas inefficient and sometimes corrupt courts can take years. Getting a visa is a hassle. A dire shortage of electricity means local firms struggle to compete with imported goods.不过安哥拉依然是个对于投资者和企业家来说十分艰难的地方。在世界最近发起的“经商容易度”调查中,安哥拉从第189位上升至第179位。在安哥拉全国强制执行一项合同相率十分低下,而一件腐败案的审理有时能耗费数年。申请一纸签困难重重。一次可怕的电力短缺意味着当地公司正在努力与进口商品进行竞争。Moreover, a rentier culture forces many businesses to “partner” with members of the political and military elite. That the presidents daughter, Isabel dos Santos, is Africas first female billionaire is seen by human-rights groups as an indictment of the system.此外,特有的食利者文化迫使许多商务活动者与许多政治、军方精英达成所谓的“合作关系”。比如总统的女儿Isabel dos Santos是非洲第一位女性百万富翁,而人权组织因此对该国体制发起控诉。Oil provides few jobs for locals and Angola is horribly unequal. The quality of life of people in rural areas and slums, such as Luandas Chicala, has barely improved since 2002. Most Angolans lack running water or electricity.石油产业几乎并没有为当地居民提供任何工作机会并且安哥拉内部存在着严重的不平等。人民的生活水平自2002以来鲜有提升,尤其是像Luandas Chicala这样的郊区和贫民窟。大多数安哥拉人缺乏新鲜水源和电力。Many within the MPLA privately admit to its failure to develop the non-oil economy. Since 2012 the government has talked more about improving social conditions, health care and education.安哥拉人民解放运动内部许多官员承认他们发展非石油产业经济的举措失败了。自2012年,政府讨论的更多是改善社会环境、医疗水平和教育水平。Yet there is little sign of large-scale political or social unrest. Protests in Luanda, including one in November when the police detained 300 people and shot dead an opposition activist, are sporadic. The MPLA controls almost all of the media, while the two main opposition parties lack mass appeal. A smooth transition is generally expected when or if the 71-year-old president steps down as he has hinted, probably between now and 2017, when the next national elections are to be held.不过仍有微弱迹象表明安哥拉存在着大规模的政治波动和社会动荡问题。在卢安达的示威抗议不时发生,例如在十一月那次抗议活动警察拘押了300多人并射杀了一名激进分子。安哥拉人民解放运动几乎控制了所有媒体,这使另外两个主要反对党缺少广泛的吸引力。在71岁高龄的总统如他所暗示的那样辞职之后,和平过渡被大众所期待,虽然那不知道何时甚至不知道是否会发生,有可能是在2017年的下次全国大选举行之前。There was talk of his son, Jose Filomeno de Sousa dos Santos, who is chairman of Angolas sovereign-wealth fund, being lined up as a successor. But it has died down. Instead, the president is thought to favour his business-minded vice-president, Manuel Vicente, who ran Sonangol from 1999-2012. He cannot be guaranteed to tilt the country away from oil.有传言说总统的任职安哥拉主权财富基金会主席的儿子Jose Filomeno de Sousa dos Santos被列为胜选者。但这种传言已经消失。相反地,总统被认为非常中意他非常有商业头脑的副总统Manuel Vicente,此人在1999年至2012年掌管Sonangol公司。他不可能保让这个国家不向石油倾斜。But a new generation of Angolans is coming of age; about 60% of the countrys 21m people are under 25. Unlike their parents, they will not be satisfied solely with the MPLAs achievement in making peace earlier this century. What they need is jobs. And oil alone will not provide them.新一代的安哥拉人达到了法定年龄,大约占这个国家人口百分之六十的两千一百万人低于25岁。他们将不会像他们的父母那样仅仅满足于安哥拉人民解放运动在新世纪开始时在和平方面的成就。他们需要工作,而光是石油是没法满足这种需求的。译者:许宝明 译文属译生译世 /201507/385104 Starbucks in the news.Starbucks have introduced a new coffee from Australia called the flak white.星巴克上新闻了 星巴克引入了一种澳大利亚的新咖啡 叫做平白The first coffee drink ever to be named after my ass.这是第一款以我屁股命名的咖啡Theres absolutely nothing back there.You can iron shirts on this thing.我后面什么都没有 在上面熨衬衫都没问题And I have.Thats not funny.Its my tragedy.我试过 这才不好笑呢 是我的悲剧啊A man in San Francisco apparently visited a plastic surgeon for botox and laser treatments,旧金山一男子去整容医生那里注射肉毒素和激光手术And then he skipped out on a 6,000 dollars bill.Hes being called the botox bandit.This is a real story.然后没付6千块医疗费就跑了 他被称为肉毒素强盗 这可是真事They havent found him yet but they have good security footage of him leaving the building.此人尚未被找到 但只是拍下了他离开大楼的清晰录像Check it out in case you see this guy.There he is.This is the security footage,there he goes.大家请看 以防你们遇上他 就在那儿呢 这是监控录像 看啊Lets get a closer look.If you see this guy,let us konw because he owes a lot of money.看看能不能拉近一点 如果大家看到了他 一定告诉我们 他可欠了一笔大债Andy,this is what I will look like in eight years.安迪 我8年之后也会是这个样子For the last couple of weeks,Andy has been working on a new comedy bit and he says he wants to try it out tonight.过去几周里 安迪一直在准备一个喜剧节目 他说他今晚想试播一下I think we owe it to andy to do it.Thank you.All right,Im y.Are you y in the Booth,Allen?You bet,y.All right andy,Go ahead with you comedy bit.我觉得我们该让安迪试试 谢谢 我准备好了 艾伦 你那边准备好了吗 当然 准备好了 好了 安迪 开始你的节目吧201609/468526淄博哪个医院治疗生殖感染淄博哪个医院的泌尿科好



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