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The phone in your pocket is probably an Android device, and if you live in a western country, it is almost certainly running the Google version of Android and thus is bristling with Google’s services: Gmail, YouTube, Docs and more.你口袋里的手机可能是一部安卓(Android)手机,如果你居住在一个西方国家,你手机上运行的几乎肯定是谷歌(Google)版的安卓操作系统,上面安装有Gmail、YouTube、Docs等各种谷歌务。The raw figures for Android’s market share make it look as though Google dominates the smartphone world: of the 301.3m smartphones shipped in the second quarter of this year, 84.7 per cent were Android devices, up from 79.6 per cent in 2013, according to analysts IDC. But those figures hide a more complex story about how difficult it is to build an ecosystem and bring customers into it.从有关安卓市场份额的粗略数据来看,谷歌似乎在智能手机领域占据着主导地位。IDC的数据显示,在今年二季度发货的3.013亿部智能手机中,安卓手机的占比为84.7%,高于2013年的79.6%。但这些数字掩盖了一个更复杂的情况:建立一个生态系统并吸引用户进入这个系统是多么困难。The next biggest player on the mobile OS scene is Apple, which in September made a bold bid to draw users further into its clutches with the launch of a wearable device, the Apple Watch, and, more importantly, its Apple Pay system.在移动操作系统领域,市场排名第二的是苹果(Apple)。9月,苹果推出了一款可穿戴设备Apple Watch,更重要的是还推出了Apple Pay系统,这一大胆举动旨在进一步把用户拉入自己的阵营。Apple’s iOS has been losing market share, according to IDC: in the second quarter of this year, it accounted for 11.7 per cent of mobile device shipments, down from 13 per cent in the same quarter last year. Apple’s early-mover advantage has been eclipsed by the roaring success of Android.IDC数据显示,苹果iOS系统的市场份额在不断缩小,今年二季度,iOS系统手机仅占智能手机发货量的11.7%,低于去年同期的13%。安卓系统的大获成功,令苹果的先发优势荡然无存。Google maintains and develops the “official” version of Android, but the operating system itself is open-source, which means anyone can fiddle with it, change it, add to it and take bits away, as Amazon and Nokia, for example, have done with their operating systems have done with their operating systems for, respectively, the Kindle Fire and the Nokia X range.谷歌维护并开发“官方版”安卓,但该系统本身是开源的,这意味着任何人都可以对之进行修改,例如,亚马逊(Amazon)和诺基亚(Nokia)对Kindle Fire和Nokia X系列搭载的安卓操作系统都做了自己的改动。Google leads the Android Open Handset Alliance, an association of device-makers such as Sony, LG, Samsung and Lenovo, mobile operators such as T-Mobile and Vodafone as well as chipmakers Arm, Qualcomm and Intel, and software companies, including eBay and, of course, Google.谷歌领导着安卓“开放手机联盟”(Open Handset Alliance,OHA),该联盟的成员包括索尼(Sony)、LG、三星(Samsung)和联想(Lenovo)等设备制造商,T-Mobile和沃达丰(Vodafone)等移动运营商,安谋(Arm)、高通(Qualcomm)和英特尔(Intel)等芯片制造商,以及eBay等软件公司,当然也包括谷歌。In return for membership of the OHA, members can create devices that Google will license its services to. It is important to note that while Android itself is open-source and free to use, Google’s services are not. Members of the alliance also pledge not to “fork” Android – in other words, create their own versions that exclude Google services.联盟成员开发的设备,谷歌将授权其使用谷歌的务。有必要指出,尽管安卓系统本身是开源的,可以免费使用,但谷歌的务就不一样了。联盟成员也承诺不“分化”(fork)安卓系统——换言之,不开发排除谷歌务的安卓版本。This is all great for Google, as it means its data-collecting apparatus, with its access to your email, searches, location data and so on, is in the hands of millions of people to whom “relevant” adverts can be directed.这对谷歌很有利,因为这意味着,其数据收集设备——可以读取你的电邮、搜索记录、位置数据等信息——可以到达大量用户手中,在此基础上就可以向用户投放有针对性的广告。There is, however, a big part of the Android ecosystem that is nothing to do with Google. This is most significant in China, where Google and its services are persona non grata. But there are also trouble spots on the radar outside China that should worry Google.然而,安卓生态系统中有很大一部分跟谷歌毫无关系,这一点在谷歌及其务不受欢迎的中国表现得最为明显。但在中国以外地区也有一些问题值得谷歌担忧。Google’s biggest concern is Samsung. The search giant’s relations with the South Korean smartphone maker have been strained, as Samsung has fired warning shots that indicate it probably doesn’t need Google as much as Google needs Samsung, which is by far the biggest vendor of Android OHA devices.谷歌最该担心的是三星。这家搜索巨头与该韩国智能手机制造商的关系变得紧张,三星已经放了一声警示,暗示其对谷歌的需要可能小于谷歌对其的需要。三星是OHA中最大的安卓设备厂商。Samsung has been tinkering with an alternative operating system, Tizen, and includes its own mail and other services alongside Google’s on its Galaxy Android devices. In theory, Samsung could drop Google’s version of Android and focus on developing Tizen further or move to the non-Google version of Android.三星一直在鼓捣一个替代操作系统Tizen,而且其Galaxy安卓设备上除装有谷歌务,也置入了三星自己的邮件等务。理论上,三星可以放弃谷歌版安卓系统,集中精力打造Tizen系统,或者转向非谷歌版的安卓系统。That version is the Android Open Source Project – the one developers work with when they don’t want to join forces with Google. AOSP is free and is the version that Amazon has used in its Fire devices. Nokia used AOSP to create the well-received Nokia X range before Microsoft assimilated Nokia’s devices division and killed the project.这种非谷歌版安卓系统属于安卓开源项目(Android Open Source Project,AOSP),当开发者不想跟谷歌联合时可以加入这个项目。AOSP是免费的,亚马逊在其Fire设备上便使用了AOSP。诺基亚使用AOSP开发了颇受欢迎的Nokia X系列产品,后来微软(Micrsoft)吞并了诺基亚手机部门,废弃了该项目。Amazon and Nokia would do well to look to China, where local providers have built strong ecosystems on the AOSP version of Android. In hardware, Xiaomi has 31.6 per cent of the urban Chinese market, according to Carolina Milanesi, chief of research at Kantar Worldpanel, the market research company. “Xiaomi is the model that works,” she says.亚马逊和诺基亚可以把目光投向中国,中国当地厂商已基于AOSP版安卓打造了强大的生态系统。市场研究公司Kantar Worldpanel的研究总监卡罗琳娜#8226;米拉内西(Carolina Milanesi)表示,在硬件方面,小米(Xiaomi)已占据中国城市31.6%的市场份额。她说:“小米模式很有效。”What works in China is a package of services delivered via the hardware. At the end of last year, Gartner, the research company, noted: “Chinese-based internet providers, such as Baidu, Alibaba Group and Tencent, [are] providing local featured apps, services and content through app stores that they themselves operate. This participation is preventing Google from being a major beneficiary of smartphone user growth in the China market.”在中国有效的模式,是通过硬件提供一揽子务。在去年底,研究公司高德纳(Gartner)指出:“百度(Baidu)、阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group)和腾讯(Tencent)等中国互联网务提供商(正在)通过自己运营的应用商店,提供具有本地特色的应用、务和内容。它们的这种参与,使谷歌没能成为中国市场智能手机用户增长的一个主要受益方。”If Google has lost out in China, it could lose out elsewhere. Microsoft is keen to get its services – Outlook.com, Bing, Office and OneDrive – into more hands, and while its Windows Phone OS has been well received, its market share of just 2.5 per cent in the second quarter of this year means it has a long way to go.如果谷歌在中国市场失利,它也可能在其他任何市场落败。微软希望吸引更多人使用其务——Outlook.com、必应(Bing), Office和OneDrive;尽管其Windows Phone(WP)操作系统颇受欢迎,但今年二季度其市场份额仅为2.5%,意味着微软还有很长的路要走。Intriguingly, Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella has been reported as talking to Cyanogen, which maintains a popular AOSP fork of Android. While Microsoft is unlikely to be considering buying Cyanogen, partnering with it to provide services as part of the package makes sense.耐人寻味的是,微软首席执行官萨蒂亚#8226;纳德拉(Satya Nadella)据报道正与Cyanogen洽谈。Cyanogen维护着一个人气颇高的安卓AOSP系统。微软不大可能考虑收购Cyanogen,但与其合作提供部分务还是可行的。Here’s a blue-sky suggestion for Mr Nadella: sit down with Jeff Bezos at Amazon to develop a good fork of Android. Microsoft has a compelling services offering but an almost non-existent platform for these services, despite the quality of the Lumia handsets. Amazon has compelling content with its Prime but seems unable to get consumers to buy its Fire devices.这里给纳德拉提一个堪称奇思妙想的建议:与亚马逊的杰夫#8226;贝佐斯(Jeff Bezos)坐在一起,讨论开发一款优秀的安卓分系统。微软提供强大的务,但没有搭载这些务的平台,尽管Lumia手机质量不错。亚马逊通过Prime视频提供强大的内容,但看来无法吸引消费者购买其Fire设备。For smaller providers, a Microsoft-Amazon-style joint venture would be a great way to become part of an ecosystem out of Google’s reach. I suspect consumers would find that attractive. How about it, Satya and Jeff?对于规模较小的务提供商来说,像微软与亚马逊这样的合作是一个很好的方式,将吸引它们加入一个摆脱了谷歌影响的生态系统。我觉得这对用户是有吸引力的。不知贝佐斯和纳德拉意下如何? /201410/337321

Will this futuristic design signal the wave of the future for superyachts for the super-rich? Shaped like the top half of a star, the concept vessel measures 162 feet in length and more than 60 metres in height, and has over 3,500 square metres of luxury interior space for guests. Aptly named Star, the private yacht contains a central cluster of four lifts that provide access across eight decks.这一未来主义风格设计是否预示着未来超级游艇将成为巨富们的新宠?这一概念产品形似星星上半部,162英尺长,60多米高,为顾客提供3500平方米的豪华内部空间。这款产品的名字为“星星”,可谓名副其实。这艘私人游艇内含四个电梯使八个甲板各自相连,方便人们通行。With enough space for a helipad, sub-marine viewing deck and viewing platform at the top of its pointed tip, the yacht was designed for 36 overnight guests but can hold over 200 people for parties or other events. The vessel would have a maximum speed of 18 knots and a range of 5,000 nautical miles at 14 knots, and it would have the capability of rotating within its own length. The innovative superyacht was the brainchild of Lobanov Design and BMT Nigel Gee, and it began as a rough sketch on a napkin.有足够空间供直升机起落,潜艇观景台,并在游艇顶端设有瞭望平台。虽然游艇设计能使36人进行通宵活动,但实际上能够允许200多人举办派对或其他活动。这艘游艇最大时速为18海里。以14海里/小时行驶时,该游艇可驶出5000海里。虽然该游艇有162英尺长,但能够自行旋转。这艘富有创意的超级游艇是设计师洛阿诺和奈吉尔·吉智慧的结晶。它一开始只是印在餐巾上的粗糙的双桅纵帆船。Designer Igor Lobanov said the initial idea was proposed by Alex Malybaev of FIRMA branding agency after the pair came to the conclusion that all yachts look the same to people outside the marine industry. He said: ‘It seems that modern architecture, product design and car design have no influence on yachts. Malybaev penned an idea “on a napkin”and asked me if a yacht could be like that.设计师洛阿诺表示他们发现虽然对人们而言除了海军舰队外所有游艇的设计都没什么差别,但这一设计起初是由冷杉公司品牌宣传部的亚历克斯·麦尔巴福提出的。他说:“无论是现代建筑、产品设计还是汽车设计都似乎对游艇设计有所启发。麦尔巴福在一块餐巾纸上画下了他的设计,并询问我它看起来像不像游艇。‘I looked at the sketch and set to work. The idea was so great that I wanted to prove it could become a yacht.’ Igor collaborated with BMT Nigel Gee for naval architecture and to assess technical feasibility, and the result was a wildly unusual design for a vessel that could be used as a billionaire’s at-sea playground or an exclusive floating hotel.我看着草图开始制作。这个设计实在是太棒了,我想明它能变成一艘游艇。”伊戈尔与合作测试该潜艇的技术可行性,奈吉尔·吉是海军建筑师。这一与众不同的游艇设计可以作为亿万富翁的海上游玩平台或是独一无二的私人海上酒店。James Roy, yacht design director of BMT Nigel Gee, said: ‘Historically yacht design has been described as both an art and a science.#39;Star is a tangible view of a 21st century interpretation of art and science. ‘We are fortunate to live in an era where technology makes the delivery of bolder designs more possible –for clients who are adventurous innovators anything is truly possible.’詹姆斯·罗伊是基本军事训练部的设计主任,他说:“‘星星’是二十一世纪科技与艺术完美结合的最好体现。我们很幸运生活在一个可以让大胆的设计也能成为现实的时代,对于富有冒险精神和创新精神的顾客来说,一切皆有可能。” /201410/338794

The leaf on the Apple symbol is tinted green at the Apple flagship store on 5th Ave in New York April 22, 2014. Employees and signage have been themed green to mark Earth Day.2014年4月22日,位于纽约第五大道的苹果旗舰店把苹果标志上面的叶子换成了绿色。为响应地球日,员工饰和公司标志都采用了绿色为主的主题。Apple Inc will unveil the next incarnation of its popular iPhone series in August, one month earlier than industry watchers were generally expecting, Taiwanese media reported on Friday citing unidentified supply-chain sources.周五台湾媒体引用未知供应链提供的消息称,苹果公司将在8月发布下一代手机产品iPhone 6,比行业观察人士的普遍预期提前了一个月。A 4.7-inch screen version of the iPhone 6 will reach stores in August, the Economic Daily News reported without specifying which markets would receive the phone first.《经济日报》称,4.7英寸版iPhone 6将于8月份在零售店上架销售,但并未披露该版本手机将首先登陆哪些市场。A 5.5-inch or 5.6-inch model will be released in September, the newspaper said, as the iPhone 5 series was previously.5.5英寸或5.6英寸机型则将在9月份发布,和之前iPhone 5的发布进程一致。People involved in the supply chain had earlier confirmed to Reuters that there will be a 4.7-inch version of the iPhone 6 and a 5.5-inch version.供应链知情人士此前向路透社确认称,iPhone 6将分为4.7英寸和5.5英寸两种版本。Together, the Economic Daily News said 80 million iPhone 6 handsets would be produced this year.同时,《经济日报》称,今年iphone6的总产量将达到8000万部。Industry watchers have said increasing the iPhone#39;s screen size from 4 inches would help Apple regain market share from competitors such as Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, who they say have responded to consumer desire for more screen size.行业观察人士已表示,增大目前仅仅4英寸的iPhone屏幕尺寸,有助于苹果夺回被三星电子等对手侵蚀的市场份额。三星等智能机制造商此前已经满足了消费者对于更大屏幕尺寸的需求。Representatives for Apple could not be reached for comment.苹果官方代表并没有对此作出任何。Representatives for Taiwanese iPhone contract manufacturer Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd and smartphone camera lens maker Largan Precision Co Ltd, both mentioned in the Economic Daily News report, had no comment.经济日报中提到的台湾苹果合作生产商代表鸿海精密有限公司和智能手机摄像头生产商大立光电股份有限公司均未做任何回应。 /201405/297342

Time is money. And if you are spending your time staring at a mobile phone, then that is where the money is. Advertisers know that – eMarketer expects ad spending on mobiles to grow 92 per cent this year. But the mobile gaming world is struggling to win its fair share of those ad dollars.时间就是金钱。如果你花时间盯着手机看,那就是潜在的盈利机会。广告商知道这个道理——市场研究公司eMarketer预测今年手机广告出将增长92%。但移动游戏行业似乎难以争取到其中的合理份额。Android users spend a third of their device time playing games, says Flurry, an analytics company owned by Yahoo. By comparison, Facebook gets 17 per cent of phone time. But advertising in mobile games – about bn a year – is less than Facebook’s mobile ad revenue. The business model is different – for now: mobile games make their money from in-app purchases, to the tune of bn this year, with sales growing 20 per cent annually.雅虎(Yahoo)旗下的分析公司Flurry表示,Android用户使用手机的三分之一时间花在玩游戏上。相比之下,Facebook占手机使用时间的17%。然而手机游戏广告(一年约60亿美元)却少于Facebook的手机广告收入。两者商业模式不同,至少目前如此:手机游戏广告商通过应用内消费来赚钱,今年销售额为180亿美元左右,年度销售增幅达20%。But the growth in mobile ad spending is a lost opportunity for the gaming industry. One reason is that no one has quite figured out how to do mobile game ads well. Banner ads are tacky. And ads that are successful demand a lot of development work – such as the virtual Lexus in Real Racing 3 (by Electronic Arts). Some companies, such as Tencent, eschew ads altogether. But as it is, mobile games are less lucrative than their console counterparts. Average revenue per user in mobile games is only one-tenth of the Arpu for console games, according to Interpret.然而手机广告出的增长对游戏行业是一个错失的机会。原因之一是,还没有人完全明白该怎么做好手机游戏广告。横幅广告很俗气。而成功的广告需要很多开发工作——例如在电子艺界(Electronic Arts)开发的游戏“真实赛车3”中,那款虚拟雷克萨斯(Lexus)汽车。有些公司,例如腾讯(Tencent),完全放弃了广告。但就现状而言,手机游戏没有游戏机那么有利可图。根据市场研究公司Interpret的数据,每个手机游戏用户产生的平均收入,仅为游戏机用户的十分之一。True, some gaming groups do mobile better than others. At Electronic Arts, mobile accounts for a fifth of revenues after 30 per cent growth last year. At Activision Blizzard, by contrast, mobile provides just 6 per cent of sales (excluding distribution), and mobile revenues have fallen by half from the same period last year.没错,有些游戏公司做得比较出色。在电子艺界,手机游戏收入去年增长30%之后,如今占总收入的五分之一。相比之下,动视暴雪(Activision Blizzard)的手机只占销售的6%(不含分销),而且手机收入同比下降了一半。But there is a long way to go for the industry as a whole. The prize will be valuable for whoever cracks the code first: Android users spend 37 minutes a day playing mobile games on average, says Flurry. That figure rises to more than 45 minutes daily in the US and Germany. There’s more money here than in just buying extra lives.但对整个行业来说,还有很长的路可走。谁先解决这个难题,谁就能赢得大奖。Flurry称,Android用户每天平均花37分钟玩手机游戏。在美国和德国,该数字超过每天45分钟。拉广告创收的机会大于鼓励用户购买更多“生命”。 /201409/332239

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