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瑞金治疗支原体医院会昌县治疗急性肠炎医院我有个朋友最近想买车,她看中了一辆敞篷车,可是这车的车评并不好。我给她看了关于这辆车耗油和需要维修的车评,可她竟然听都不听,就想买这辆车!忽略这些可是买车的大忌。这也让我想到一个习惯用语,那就是: brush off.Brush是刷的意思,brush off, 刷掉,引伸出来就是“忽略,不理睬”的意思。上面的例子中, my friend shouldnt brush off the poor ratings of the convertible. 我朋友不应该忽略这辆敞篷车很差的车评。在下面的例子里,这对夫妇可真不应该忽略检查人员给他们的忠告!到底发生了什么呢? 我们来听一听:例句-1:The homeowners were told by inspectors that they ought to move their home further from the river. Instead, they went ahead with plans to add a second story. When a terrible storm hit a year later, the river flooded. And the house was destroyed. If the couple hadnt brushed off those safety warnings, they wouldnt have lost their property.这段话是说:检查人员告诉屋主说,他们应该把屋子建在离河边更远的地方。但是屋主非但没有听取这个意见,还又加盖了第二层。一年之后下了一场暴雨,河水上涨淹没了房屋。如果这对夫妇没有忽略那些安全警告,他们也许不会失去自己的财产。俗话说,小心使得万年船,千万不能忽略任何可能发生的危险隐患。不过有的时候,又要有主见,不能人云亦云,受别人影响。比如我有个好朋友,是个装设计师,特有才,但是刚开始创业的头几年,很多人都说她肯定不会成功,好在,she brushed off all the bad reviews, 她对这些负面根本不予理睬,结果才有了今天。******谁都希望有个体贴,疼你的丈夫或者男朋友,不过啊,可不是每个人都那么幸运。要是碰上下面例子里的这位Phil,可就倒霉喽! 我们来听听看Phil是个什么样的人:例句-2:Phil hasnt had many steady girlfriends. Thats because they dont like the way he treats them. After a couple of nice dates, he expects them to always be available for him. Yet he rarely makes the effort to return their calls or text messages. Why should they want to stay with a guy who brushes them off?这段话是说:菲利普一直没有什么稳定女友,这是因为她们都不喜欢他对待她们的方式。几次约会之后,他就认为这些女孩子应该随叫随到,可他自己却很少尽快回她们的电话或短信。为什么要跟一个经常忽略自己的人在一起呢?这些女孩子做得对!不值得跟一个整天不把自己当回事的人在一起。大家可能已经发现了,这句话中说, Phil often brushes them off. Brush somebody off, 就是忽略某人的意思。比如,shes been telling her husband to see a dentist for his bad teeth, but he keeps brushing me off. 我让我老公赶紧去看看那颗烂牙,可他却把我的话当耳边风。 /201610/469528赣州哪家医院看肛肠科好 13. Enthusiastic Fan 13.发烧友A: Ive run out of money for my iTunes!A:我为iTunes用光了我的钱!B: You used it all up aly?B:你已经全用光了吗?A: I bought my favorite artists albums today.A:今天我买了我最喜欢的艺术家的专辑。B: You must really like their music.B:你一定很喜欢他们的音乐。A: I do! There is no other like it.A:我确实喜欢。没有人比我更喜欢。B: Have you ever watched a live concert?B:你有看过现场音乐会吗?A: No, but I hope to, someday!A:没有,但我希望,有一天!B: Until then, maybe you should refill your iTunes card.B:在那之前,或许你应该充满你的iTunes卡A: I think Ill just use it all up again.A:我想我会把它再次用光。B: Then maybe you have all you need for now.B:那么或许你会拥有你现在需要的一切。A: Im going to look up her concerts on YouTube!A:我要去在YouTube上看她的演唱会!B: Thats a better idea! B:这是一个更好的主意!译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201605/441269于都县妇幼保健人民医院肛肠痔疮内痔外痔混合痔治疗好吗

赣州肛周脓肿中医怎么治疗经典句型:Most of the work done by hands in the country is done by machine now. 在农村过去的人工劳动现在很多都用机器取代了。A:The farmerswork is simpler than before.甲:农民的工作比以前简单多了。B:Yes. Most of the work done by hands in the country is done by machine now.乙:是的。在农村过去的人工劳动现在很多都用机器取代了。A:They are living an easier life.甲:他们的生活更轻松了。B:It profits from the development of science and technology.乙:这都是得益于科学技术的发展。经典句型:How can I use the reaper? 怎么用收割机呢?A:We reap the crops by the reaper.甲:我们用收割机收庄稼。B:How can I use the reaper?乙:怎么用收割机呢?A:Its very easy.Let me show you.甲:很简单。我来指给你看。句型讲解:问工具的使用方法,可以说How can I use the reaper?怎么用收割机呢? /201503/366011寻乌县妇幼保健人民医院看混合痔多少钱 unit 425租自行车(2) dialogue 英语情景对话A:Theres a bike rental store here.A:这里有租自行车的。B:Yeah, wanna rent one?B:是啊,租一辆吗?A:How much is it to rent one?A:租一辆多少钱?B:Its 10 yuan per day for a standard bike, 20 yuan for a mountain bike and 50 yuan for a tandem.B:普通的十块一天,山地车二十,双人骑的自行车五十。A:Is there any deposit?A:有押金吗?B:Yes, 200 Yuan for a standard bike, 300 Yuan for a mountain, and 800 Yuan for a tandem.B:有,普通车两百,山地车三百,双入骑自行车八百。A:Id like to rent three standard bikes.A:我要租三辆普通车。B:Okay, that will be 600 yuan. please.B:好,那就交六百吧。 /201605/446250南康区妇幼保健人民医院肛门疼痛肛周脓肿脱肛肠炎便秘治疗好吗

赣州市中医院治疗肛周脓肿价格Exercise 1-55: Crossing Out Reduced SoundsPause the CD and cross out any sound that is not clearly pronounced, including to, for, and, that, than, the, a, the soft ,and unstressed syllables that do not have strong vowel sounds.Exercise 1-56: Reading Reduced SoundsRepeat the paragraph after me.Although youre getting rid of the vowel sounds, you want to maintain a strong intonation and let the sounds flow together.For the first ing of this paragraph, it is helpful to keep your teeth clenched together to reduce excess jaw and lip movement. Lets begin.Hello, my name is __.Im taking American Accent Training.Theres a lot to learn,but I hope to make it as enjoyable as possible.I should pick up on the American intonation pattern pretty easily,although the only way to get it is to practice all of the time.I use the up and down, or peaks and valleys, intonation more than I used to.Ive been paying attention to pitch, too.Its like walking down a staircase.Ive been talking to a lot of Americans lately,and they tell me that Im easier to understand.Anyway, I could go on and on,but the important thing isto listen well and sound good.Well, what do you think?Do I? /201507/388493 赣州严重痔疮治疗医院要多少钱于都县治疗肛周脓肿哪家医院好排名哪里



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