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Hong Kong#39;s famed population of pink dolphins is dwindling faster than ever, environmentalists say, shrinking 60% in the past decade because of heavy pollution and construction work in the waters they inhabit.香港著名的中华白海豚数量正以前所未有的速度在减少。环保人士说,由于栖息水域污染严重,并受到建筑施工的影响,中华白海豚的数量在过去十年中减少了60%。The city#39;s Chinese white dolphins─popularly known as pink dolphins for their skin#39;s rosy hue─are a beloved tourist attraction. In 1997, the city went so far as to choose a pink dolphin with a smiling face as its official mascot during the former British colony#39;s handover back to Chinese rule.观赏香港中华白海豚(由于它们的皮肤呈粉红色,所以又被称为粉红海豚)是一项深受游客喜爱的旅游项目。1997年,前英国殖民地香港回归中华人民共和国时,一条带着微笑的中华白海豚被选为了官方吉祥物,这足以显示香港人民对它的锺爱。Many locals at the time pointed out the irony of selecting a mascot whose ranks were alarmingly small and rapidly shrinking. Now, according to the Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society, which has been conducting weekly excursions to monitor the population for years, the city#39;s dolphin population has declined to just 61 last year from 159 in 2003. #39;They#39;re a treasure of our natural heritage,#39; says Samuel Hung, who heads the Dolphin Conservation Society. #39;Their decline indicates the overall health of our marine ecosystem.#39;不过那时就有许多香港人指出,将数量少的惊人、并仍在持续减少的中华白海豚选为吉祥物实在是太讽刺了。如今,根据香港海豚保育学会(Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society)多年来一直进行的每周数量监测显示,香港的海豚数量已经由2003年的159条下降到了2012年的61条。 “它们是自然赐予我们的瑰宝,”海豚保育学会的负责人塞缪尔#8226;洪(Samuel Hung)说, “中华白海豚数量的减少反映了整体海洋生态系统的健康欠佳。”Such a fall in numbers appears to have sped up with the construction of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, which is slated to open in 2016, says Mr. Hung. Other factors threatening the dolphin population include the rise in high-speed ferry traffic to the nearby gambling mecca of Macau, as well as proposed reclamation efforts to expand the city#39;s airport, he says.洪先生说,海豚数量的锐减同即将于2016年通车的“港珠澳大桥”的工程建设有关。洪先生补充道,其它威胁因素还包括,通往附近赌城的高速汽船班次的增加,以及正在商议中的扩建机场新跑道的填海造陆工程。Apart from Hong Kong, Chinese white dolphins are also known to inhabit other waters across the heavily polluted Pearl River Delta. But while the dolphins could try to migrate elsewhere, Mr. Hung says that they should stay put. #39;They aren#39;t going to be better off in Chinese waters,#39; he says. #39;They#39;ll face the same problems.#39;除了香港,中华白海豚还栖息在珠三角的其他水域,这些地方污染也很严重。洪先生说,虽然海豚可以尝试迁移别处,但留在原地是目前最好的选择;他说,“即使离开中国水域,情况也得不到改善,中华白海豚还是会面临同样的(污染)问题。”The issue of pink dolphins#39; decline got an extra burst of attention earlier this spring when one local dolphin-watching tour group spotted a dolphin mother clinging to her dead calf. The mother#39;s struggle to keep the calf#39;s body from sinking were captured on and widely circulated. Mr. Hung says that such incidents aren#39;t surprising, given high rates of local dolphin calf mortality rates. Chinese white dolphins are currently listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as a #39;near threatened#39; species.中华白海豚数量锐减的问题在今年春天得到了格外的关注。一个海豚观赏团看见了一条成年海豚正努力抱住她死去的幼崽。海豚母亲挣扎着不让小海豚的尸体沉没,整个过程被摄像机记录了下来,并广为流传。洪先生说,介于当地幼年海豚的高死亡率,这个画面不足为奇。目前,中华白海豚已经被国际自然保护联盟(International Union for Conservation of Nature)列为“近危”(near threatened)物种。On Wednesday, Hong Kong#39;s environment undersecretary Christine Loh said that like Mr. Hung, she was concerned about the dolphins#39; plight and stressed that the government was working hard on conservation. Ms. Loh said the government implemented a trawling ban last year, which green groups hope will improve local fish stocks and protect Hong Kong#39;s dolphin population. #39;The government is committed to doing everything it can for the dolphins,#39; she said.香港环境部副部长陆恭蕙(Christine Loh)于周三表示,和洪先生一样,她也很关心海豚的困境,她同时强调,政府正在努力实施保护计划。陆女士说,香港政府去年实施了禁止拖网法案,环保团体认为这将改善当地的鱼类种群并保护栖息在香港的海豚。她说,“政府正竭尽全力保护海豚。”She also said it was unclear whether the dolphins were dying off or simply relocating to other parts of the Pearl River Delta. #39;They could have swum off somewhere else,#39; said Ms. Loh, adding that the government needed to do more work with authorities across the border in China to support the population.她还表示,目前尚不清楚海豚究竟是正在灭绝还是只是迁徙到了珠三角的其他水域,陆女士说,“他们可能已经游去别的地方了”。她补充道,香港政府需要同中国内地相关部门通力合作以维持中华白海豚的数量。 /201307/246077据报道,在清明节即将到来之际,民政部在一个论坛上鼓励民众实行网上葬礼。民政部官员称网上葬礼将避免自然资源的浪费,便于人们纪念死者。然而由于这一理念和中国传统观念相冲突,这种“绿色”葬礼恐怕难以让中国民众接受。  请看相关报道:  Online funerals or burials would not retain the ashes, but set up an online cemetery and memorialize the deceased by posting an obituary and funeral messages。  网上葬礼不会保留骨灰,而是建立一个网上墓地,通过发布讣闻和悼念信息来纪念死者。  在上面的报道中,online funeral即“网上葬礼”。现代人的生活节奏越来越快,再加上资源稀缺,连葬礼都推出了一切从简的网上版本。Funeral除了可以表示“葬礼”外,还可以表示“(事物)的终止”,在口语中还有“麻烦事,倒霉事”的意思。请看例子:plan the funeral of the opposition party(计划取缔反对党);If you get lost in the desert, that’s your funeral。(如果你在沙漠中迷路,那你可要倒霉了。)  如果实行了网上葬礼,那么就不再需要cremation urn(骨灰盒),mourning ceremony(哀悼仪式)也可以从简,取而代之的是online tribute(网上悼念)。现在的埋葬方式主要有三种,inhumation(土葬)、cremation(火葬)和 sea-burial(海葬)。比较特别的方式有boat-coffin burial(船棺葬)、tree burial(树葬)和celestial burial(天葬),一般多见于少数民族地区 /201004/100472Tehran, the capital of Iran, is battling an invasion of ;genetically mutated; giant rats.Iran has sent in sniper teams to clear Tehran#39;s streets of the massive rodents weighting up to five kilos plaguing 26 districts of the Iranian capital, the city#39;s environmental agency said.;They seem to have had a genetic mutation, probably as a result of radiations and the chemical used on them,; Ismail Kahram, Teheran city council environment adviser and university professor Ismail Kahram told Qudsonline.ir.;They are now bigger and look different. These are changes that normally take millions of years of evolution. They have jumped from 60 grams to five kilos, and cats are now smaller than them.;The ;mutated rats; have been running rampant in the capital, as cats are scared off by their giant size and traditional poison appear to have no effect on them.To stop them storming into restaurants#39; backyards and scavenging public waste containers, the council has deployed ten sniper teams armed with infra-red sighted rifles.;We use chemical poisons to kill the rats during the day and the snipers at night, so it has become a 24/7 war,; the head of the environment agency, Mohammad Hadi Heydarzadeh, said.Rats#39; carcasses are burnt or buried in lime.So far 2,205 rats have been shot dead, but the war is far from being won and the council is planning to bring the sniper team up to 40.伊朗首都德黑兰正与发生了“基因变异”的巨鼠展开“斗争”。伊朗环境部门表示,伊朗已出动狙击手小组来捕杀德黑兰街头的巨鼠。这些巨鼠体重达5公斤,已经在德黑兰首都的26个地区肆虐。德黑兰市议会的环保顾问、大学教授伊斯梅尔#8226;卡赫兰表示:“这些老鼠似乎已经发生了基因变异,很可能是受到辐射和毒鼠药里化学物质影响。”“它们现在体型巨大,看起来很吓人。通常完成这样的演变需要数百万年。它们的体重从60克上升到5公斤,比猫大多了。”这些“变种巨鼠”一直在德黑兰肆虐,由于个头儿太大会把猫吓跑,传统的鼠药对它们也无效。为了把它们赶出餐馆后院和公共垃圾桶,德黑兰市议会派出10名狙击手灭鼠。这些狙击手还配备了红外视线步。伊朗环境部门负责人Mohammad Hadi Heydarzadeh说:“我们白天用鼠药灭鼠,晚上狙击手捕杀,现在已经成为了一场7乘24小时的战争。巨鼠的尸体会被焚烧或者用石灰掩埋。目前,已有2205只巨鼠被射杀,但人们还没有取得人鼠大战的胜利。市议会计划将狙击手的人数增加到40人。

The mystery man pictured with an 18-year-old Lady Diana Spencer has been unmasked as aristocrat Adam Russell.和18岁的戴安娜#8226;斯宾塞女爵合照的神秘男子日前曝光,原来是一位名叫亚当#8226;拉塞尔的贵族。Old Etonian Mr Russell, the great-grandson of former Tory prime minister Stanley Baldwin, is shown relaxing with the future Princess of Wales during a group ski holiday in Val Claret in the French Alps in 1979.亚当#8226;拉塞尔是前英国首相、保守党领袖斯坦利#8226;鲍德温的曾孙,曾就读于贵族名校伊顿公学,俗称“老伊顿人”。照片中他正和未来的威尔士王妃一起放松休息,那一年是1979年,他们正在法国阿尔卑斯山度假胜地Val Claret参加滑雪旅行团。The Daily Mirror, which bought the photo two days after Diana’s engagement to Prince Charles was announced in February 1981, wrote NOT TO BE PUBLISHED in crayon on it.《每日镜报》在1981年2月戴安娜和查尔斯王子订婚的消息公布两天后买下了这张照片,并用蜡笔在照片上写下“不能出版”几个字。The photo is now being auctioned in the US.这张照片目前正在美国被拍卖。Oxford student Mr Russell is said to have had a ‘galumphing’ crush on Diana. Nothing, however, happened between them.当时在牛津大学读书的拉塞尔据说“一下子”被戴安娜迷住了。不过他们两人之间没有发生任何事。According to royal author Andrew Morton, Mr Russell went travelling for a year, and when he returned to the UK in 1980 and told a friend that he liked Diana, he was told: ‘You’ve only got one rival, the Prince of Wales’.据皇室作家安德鲁#8226;莫顿说,拉塞尔当时出门旅游了一年,当他在1980年回到英国时,他告诉一个朋友说他喜欢戴安娜,那个朋友告诉他说:“你只有一个竞争对手,那就是威尔士王子。”He tactfully decided not to pursue her, but the pair remained great friends.他很机智地决定不去追求戴安娜,不过他和戴安娜始终是非常好的朋友。Mr Russell later said he initially thought Diana was a bit of a Sloaney ‘giggler’ but got to like her when both were injured skiing.拉塞尔后来说他一开始觉得戴安娜是那种喜欢用限量版奢侈品、总是吃吃傻笑的女孩,但是在两人都在滑雪中受伤后开始喜欢上她。He found her ‘bubbly, giggly, but not in a vacuous way, and lacking in self-confidence’.他觉得戴安娜“活泼、喜欢格格地笑,但不是空洞的那种笑,不是很自信”。Mr Russell, who is now a deer farmer in Dorset and married to gardening expert and TV presenter Ali, declined to comment.拉塞尔现在在多塞特郡养鹿,妻子是园艺专家、电视节目主持人阿里。拉塞尔拒绝对照片做出。The picture shows Diana lying on a bed in a chalet with Mr Russell, who is resting his book on her shoulder. On the window ledge behind them is a bottle of Johnnie Walker whisky.在照片上,戴安娜和拉塞尔斜躺在滑雪小屋的一张床上,拉塞尔把正在看的书倚在戴安娜的肩头。他俩身后的窗台上放着一瓶尊尼获加威士忌。The identity of the photographer is not known.没人知道是谁拍下这张照片的。 /201301/219188

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