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下周五要交论文,这周二要交工作报告,下个月1号要考试了……好像我们的生活中总是有这样那样的“期限”。于是大家都努力赶在期限前完成该做的事。可是人都是有惰性的,就难免有“拖拖拉拉”的毛病。今天我们就来学学关于“最后期限”和“拖拉”的表达。1. The report is due on Friday / this coming Friday. 这个报告这周五要交。Note: If you're talking about the end of the current week on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, "on Friday" is OK. But, if you're referring to Friday on a Saturday or Sunday, "this coming Friday" is clearer than "next Friday".2. We have a research paper due every other week. 我们每两周就要交篇论文。Note: We also have "every other day" (每隔一天).I have to see my dentist every three days. (我每隔三天就要去看一次牙医。)However, "every single day" means every day. "Single" simply strengthen the repetitive sense.Mom, why should I have to brush my teeth every single day? (妈妈,为什么我每天都得刷牙啊?)3. We are out of time. 我们时间不够了。Note: You're sweating on the final test, and suddenly the teacher announces, "We're running out of time. Be sure to sign your tests." (时间快到了,请确定考卷填好了姓名) So, you try to write down as many words as possible in the final minutes until he announces, "Time's up".4. How much longer do you need to get all this stuff done? 你还要多久才能把事情做完?Note: "How much longer" puts emphasis on the length of the time (sometimes with an air of annoyance or impatience), while "How long" is a neutral expression simply asking for the numerical figure.5. Don't put things off until the last minute next time.下次不要再临阵磨了。Note: You can also put something off until the "last second", depending on how disorganized you are. For those who do, there's another expression: "I'm cramming for the test." (我正在临时抱佛脚,准备考试。) /200804/35457B地道英语口语:Etiquette 礼仪 Helen: This is Real English from B Learning English. I’m Helen.Jean: 我是董征.Helen: Today we’re going to look at words and phrases that are often seen in the newspapers or heard on the television.Jean: 想要跟上时代,不妨收听Real English. 那么,今天我们要学的词语是?Helen: Today’s new word is etiquette – E.T.I.Q.U.E.T.T.E. – etiquette.Jean: Etiquette.如今我们很少听说这词语,它非常特别,可以解释一下吗? Helen: Well, etiquette means the formal rules of polite, correct behaviour, in a society.Jean: 礼貌的规则,正确的行为,听起来好复杂Helen: Not really. For example, Chinese etiquette is very different to American etiquette.Jean: Etiquette 这个词指在一个社会中正确的礼貌的行为,国家不同,标准也不同。举个例子吧?Helen: Well, for example in a British company, it might be normal to use first names, even with your boss.Jean: 在英国,对老板可以直呼其名,比如John 而不是Mr Smith.Helen: But in Italy you would call your boss Mr Smith.Jean: 而在意大利,通常要称呼姓,和中国一样。Helen: So I would have to call you Miss Dong. Jean: Yes, that’s right.Insert A: Don’t forget – when he gives you his business card, don’t just put it in your pocket. You have to take it with both hands, it, thank him and then put it in your wallet. B: Don’t worry. I’ve done business here before, and I know the etiquette. Jean: 那好,最后,我们来复习一下。etiquette 意思是礼仪,而每个国家的礼仪都有不同的值得注意的地方. Well it looks like we have to finish now. Helen: Yes, unfortunately we do. You’ve been listening to Real English from B Learning English. Join us again soon. Jean: See you. /200711/19887新邻居 New Neighbor隔壁搬来了新邻居,雪莉决定去拜访新邻居,那么她会和新邻居谈些什么呢? Listen Read Learn Shirley: Hello, let me introduce myself. I'm your neighbor. My name is Shirley.Neighbor: Hi, Shirley. I'm Sophie. It's nice to meet you.Shirley: Nice to meet you, too.Neighbor: Please come in.Shirley: Here is a little gift for your family. It's a calendar with all the community events on it. I hope it can be helpful.Neighbor: I really appreciate it.Shirley: Since we are neighbors, if you need any help or anything, please come to me.Neighbor: I will. Actually, I am worried so much about the security of this community because my house has been burgled twice before.Shirley: Oh, don't worry about that here. There are security guards on duty 24 hours a day and they patrol all over the neighborhood. You know, they are all very strong.Neighbor: Really? That's good. Is there any supermarket in our neighborhood?Shirley: Of course. There is a Carrefour near the neighborhood. I'll show you there if you want to.Neighbor: That's terrific!Shirley: By the way, a party will be held for new neighbors the day after tomorrow; I hope I can see you there.Neighbor: Yeah, and we can get to know each other at the party.Shirley: That sounds good! I've gotta go.Neighbor: OK, come and visit anytime.Shirley: Thanks for the invitation. I will! 听看学雪莉:你好,首先让我做个自我介绍。我是你的邻居,我叫雪莉。邻居:你好,雪莉,我叫索菲。见到你非常高兴。雪莉:我也非常高兴见到你。邻居:请进。雪莉:这是给你们家的一点小礼物。是一本台历,上面列出了所有的社区活动。希望这能对你们有帮助。邻居:非常感谢。雪莉:既然我们是邻居,如果你需要任何东西或帮助,都可以来找我。邻居:我会的。事实上,我非常担心这个社区的安全问题,因为我们家以前被盗过两次。雪莉:噢,在这儿不用担心。这儿一天24小时都有保安值班,他们会在社区里巡逻,而且他们都非常强壮。邻居:是吗?那太好了。那我们社区里有超市吗?雪莉:当然有啊。在我们社区附近有个福超市。你要想去的话,我带你去。邻居:那太棒了!雪莉:顺便说一声,后天会有一个为迎接新邻居而开的晚会,希望你能参加。邻居:好啊,在晚会上我们可以相互了解。雪莉:恩,听起来不错。我要走了。邻居:好的,欢迎随时来访。雪莉:谢谢你的邀请。我会的! Recitation 经典背诵Shirley: I visited our new neighbor today. I've sent a small gift to them, which is a calendar with all the community events. I do hope they will like my gift. I also have told the hostess Sophie our community is very safe. She needn't worry so much about the security here, and I hope her family will enjoy the life here. 生词小结gift n. 礼物,礼品calendar n. 台历burgle vt. 偷窃guard n. 守卫,警卫patrol vi. 巡逻 词汇扩展 Vocabulary Builder关于人物描写的词汇基础词汇attractive 有吸引力的clever 聪明的dull 笨的easy-going 容易相处的healthy 健康的kind-hearted 好心的lazy 懒散的slim 苗条的 提高词汇 diligent 勤奋的energetic 精神饱满的generous 慷慨的handsome 英俊的intelligent 有才智的slender 纤细的vigorous 精力充沛的 家庭总动员 Do it together请家长随机大声读出词汇的英文,孩子说出该词的中文意思并用该词汇填入下面的句子,大声朗读,并将该句子翻译成中文。They are all very ( )![例] 家长读healthy孩子读healthy 健康的 They are all very healthy! 他们都非常健康! /200806/40914日前,伊朗表示计划展览近期截获的几架外国无人侦查机,这其中包括4架以色列飞机和3架美国飞机。伊朗还将邀请记者和外国使节参观展览。请看新华社的报道:Iran plans to display several US and Israelispy drones it has taken possession of in the near future, the semi-official Mehr news agency reported Wednesday.伊朗半官方的梅尔通讯社周三报道称,伊朗计划于近期展览截获的几架美国和以色列的无人侦查机。文中的spy drone就是指;无人侦查机;,drone就是指;遥控飞机,无人驾驶的飞机;,drone作动词时,还可指;混(日子);懒散地打发时间;,比如Dont drone away the precious years of youth.(别虚度青春年华。)本月初,伊朗军方称其在伊朗东部境内边界地区shut down(击落)了一架美军reconnaissance drone(无人驾驶侦察机),伊朗国家电视台近日公布了这架stealth drone(隐形机)的型号。对此,美国方面坚决否认,并称这架用来在阿富汗进行侦查和监视的unmanned aircraft(无人驾驶飞机),是由于mechanical problems(机械故障)坠毁的。 /165409

追求异性说点什么好呢,在、这几句似乎又直白又符合中国人的矜持,学习中1. You've given me a reason to live. 你给了我活下去的理由。 2. I'm drawn to you. 我被你吸引。 3. I'm so happy I met you. 真高兴能认识你。 4. You're a knockout. 你美(帅)呆了。5. I'm mad about you. 我为你疯狂。 6. I fell in love with you the moment I saw you. 见到你的那一瞬间,我就爱上你了。7. You fill my life with joy. 你使我的生命充满喜悦。8. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. 我要和你共度余生。9. I didn't stop thinking about you all day. 我整天都在想你。 10. You complete me.你使我的生命更完整 /200801/25280

英语节奏训练教程(6) 暂无文本简介:英语节奏训练教程由上海外语出版社针对有所有学生英语发音录制的教程,使你循序渐进的掌握英语发朗读和发音 /200805/37513

NO-BOOK英语口语提高版 Lesson9-10文本:Lesson 9 Know1.Good knows what will happen to us.2.I know how you feel.3.He's got the know-how.4.He doesn't know which end is up.5.I hate that Mr.Know-it-all.6.You know,that's life.7.You should know better than telling her.8.I didn't know him from Adam.Lesson 10 Hard1.It's so hard to make a choice.2.Hard times!3.Don't be too hard on me.4.No hard feelings.5.Don't give me a hard time!6.Sorry.I'm a bit hard up myself.7.Prejudice dies hard.8.I've been hard at it this semester. /12/93252

美国习惯用语-第118讲:sitting duck/dead duck今天我们要给大家介绍两个由"duck"这个字组成的习惯用语。 Duck就是鸭子。一只正在飞的鸭子可不容易打到它;然而一只浮在水面上的鸭子却是一个很容易击中的目标。这也正是我们今天要讲的第一个俗语:sitting duck。Sitting duck 从字面上解释就是:一只坐着的鸭子。当然,sitting duck 是一个俗语,它的意思是:一个很容易受骗,或被打击的对象。下面我们来举一个例子:例句-1: "Sure. My friend Joe is a sitting duck for any phony offer that promises to make him rich in a hurry. Anytime a fast-talking salesman comes along with a promise to make Joe a millionaire overnight, Joe will hand over his money. And, of course, he'll never see it again."这句话的意思是:"我的朋友乔伊对任何说是能让他很快发财的骗局都相信。只要那些滔滔不绝的推销员向他保他们能够一夜间使他成为百万富翁,不管是谁,他都会把钱交给他们。当然,这些钱他是再也见不到了。"这种情况在美国并不少见,特别是在那些老年人当中,有些人很容易轻信他人的话。骗取老人钱财的事件常有发生,有的甚至还谋财害命。大家一定都很熟悉二次世界大战时发生的珍珠港事件。那是在1941年十二月七号凌晨,日本人在没有宣战的情况下突然偷袭珍珠港,美国太平洋舰队遭到毁灭性的打击。第二天,美国向日本宣战,从而爆发了太平洋战争。下面这个例句就是在讲珍珠港事件:例句-2: "It was early on a Sunday morning and the Americans had no warning. So the battleships and destroyers were sitting ducks when the Japanese bombers swept in from the sea."这句话的意思是:"那是一个星期天的清晨,美国人根本没有得到警告。所以当日本轰炸机从海上飞来的时候,那些战舰和驱逐舰只能束手待毙。」就像我们上面所说的,一个sitting duck是很容易被骗或甚至受到伤害。有时它甚至会处于一个毫无希望的境地,给予它任何帮助都无济于事。美国人把这种情况称为:dead duck。Dead就是死的意思,一只死的鸭子当然就是没救的了。但是,为什么是鸭子而不是鸡或其他动物呢?那就不太清楚了。那末,什么样的情况才算是dead duck呢? 举个例子来说吧,一个饭馆由于地段不好而生意一直不景气,这个饭馆的老板感到很烦恼。他的妻子就给他出主意说:例句-3: "If I were you, I wouldn't put any more money into the restaurant. It's simply in the wrong part of town. Honey, I'm afraid it's aly a dead duck -- there isn't any way to save it."这位太太说:"如果我是你,我就不会再为这个餐馆投资了。它的地段不好。亲爱的,恐怕这个饭馆是已经完蛋了,没有任何方法可以挽救了。"美国人很喜欢品尝具有各种民族特色的食品。这也许是因为美国是一个由不同民族组成的国家。在美国各地的饭馆,其花色品种之多恐怕是其他国家所比不上的。这儿不仅有供应美式食品的饭馆,而且还有许多中国饭馆,还有朝鲜、印度、越南、泰国、日本以及阿富汗饭馆等。饭馆越多,竞争性也就必然更为激烈,因此老饭馆倒闭,新饭馆开张也不是什么新鲜事。有的时候,饭馆还在,可是老板和厨师却换掉了,因此饭菜的花色和味道也就不同了。Dead duck这个俗语可以用在生活的各个方面。美国的政界人物也经常使用这个俗语。凡是美国总统提出的法案都必须获得国会参议院和众议院的通过才能成为法律。下面是一个人在谈论他对总统提案的看法:例句-4: "The President's proposal looks like a dead duck -- some congressmen in his own party are against it, so I'm afraid he won't get enough votes to get it passed through the Congress."这人说:"总统的提案看来是没有希望了,连他自己党内的议员都反对,所以他恐怕不能获得足够的票数使得这一提案在国会通过。"今天我们给大家介绍了两个由duck, 也就是"鸭子"这个字组成的常用语;第一个是:sitting duck,指的是那些很容易上当受害的人。我们今天讲的第二个俗语是:dead duck;是指那些没有任何希望的事或物。「美国习惯用语」第一百一十八课就讲到这里。欢迎大家下次再一起来学习美国习惯用语。再见。 /200711/20963

Look, the fact is I don't like him at all.. 我跟你说喔! 事实上我一点也不喜欢他. /201001/93786

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