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As China Molybdenum announced it was buying one of Africa’s largest copper mines earlier this month one thing was soon clear: the acquisition was about far more than the red metal.随着洛阳钼业(China Molybdenum)本月早些时候宣布正在收购非洲最大铜矿之一,有一点很快变得明朗:这项收购远不止是奔着这种红色金属而来。The .65bn deal, the biggest private investment in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s history, is instead designed to secure China’s supplies of cobalt, a once niche raw material that is crucial to developing batteries for electric cars.相反,这笔26.5亿美元、刚果民主共和国(DRC)历史上最大规模的私人投资,旨在确保中国的钴供应。钴曾是一种利基原材料,如今对研发电动汽车电池至关重要。The purchase of the Tenke mine, which contains one of the world’s largest known deposits of copper and cobalt, shows how Chinese companies are now moving to take a dominant position in battery materials as the country prepares to shift its economy from heavily polluting industries.Tenke铜钴矿是世界已知铜、钴储量最多的矿之一,收购该矿显示出,在中国准备使本国经济摆脱高污染产业之际,中国企业正在电池材料领域抢占主导地位。Companies that make batteries for carmakers, from Tesla Motors to General Motors, will be increasingly reliant on Chinese-controlled supply chains as they scale up production of the electric cars western policymakers hope will help cut emissions and reliance on imported oil.随着从特斯拉汽车(Tesla Motors)到通用汽车(General Motors)的汽车制造商不断提高电动汽车产量,为他们生产电池的企业将越来越依赖中国企业控制的供应链。西方政策制定者希望电动汽车能有助于减少碳排放以及对进口石油的依赖。“The majority of the cobalt is heading straight to China,” said Edward Spencer, an analyst at metals consultancy CRU. “Their global hold is huge.”“大多数钴都直接运往中国,”金属商品咨询机构英国商品研究所(CRU)分析师爱德华#8226;斯宾塞(Edward Spencer)说,“他们控制着巨大的全球份额。”If the Tenke mine deal goes through, Chinese companies will be responsible for around 62 per cent of global refined cobalt production next year, according to CRU estimates. Demand for the material is expected to soar by more than two-thirds over the next decade.根据CRU的估算,如果Tenke铜钴矿收购完成,中国企业明年将占到全球精炼钴产量的62%左右。未来10年,全球钴需求预计将猛增逾三分之二。In many ways, China is following a familiar playbook. At the turn of the millennium, the country moved to secure supplies of traditional commodities like oil and industrial metals, sometimes through acquisitions, other times through investments and loans-for-oil deals with countries such as Angola and Venezuela that held big deposits of the raw materials.在很多方面,中国都遵循着相似的套路。在世纪之交,中国开始着手获取石油、工业金属等传统大宗商品的供应——有时通过收购,有时通过投资,或是与安哥拉、委内瑞拉等原材料储量丰富的国家签订贷款换石油协议。But China’s control of other commodities last decade raised strategic concerns in Washington and Tokyo, after so-called rare earth metals — which were then primarily mined in China — were subject to export restrictions.但中国限制所谓的稀土金属(当时主要在中国开采)出口后,过去10年中国对其他种类大宗商品的控制引起了华盛顿和东京方面的战略担忧。Beijing is now pushing the development of its electric vehicle market as a strategic goal, aiming to make its carmakers more competitive abroad while reducing air pollution at home.如今,北京方面正将推动本国电动汽车市场发展作为战略目标,希望提升本土汽车制造商在国际上的竞争力,同时减少国内空气污染。China Moly’s largest shareholders are Luoyang Mining Group, a state-owned company, and Cathay Fortune Corp, a Shanghai-based private equity company.洛阳钼业的大股东包括国企洛阳矿业集团(Luoyang Mining Group)和总部位于上海的私人股本公司鸿商产业控股集团(Cathay Fortune Corp)。The DRC, one of the world’s poorest countries, accounts for over half of the world’s supply of cobalt, which is also used in smartphone batteries. The Tenke mine, which lies in the south-east of the DRC, some 175km north-west of the provincial capital of Lubumbashi, last year produced 16,000 tonnes of cobalt and it has reserves that could last 25 years, according to the company.刚果民主共和国是世界最贫穷国家之一,供应全球一半以上的钴。钴也用于智能手机电池的生产。Tenke铜钴矿位于刚果民主共和国东南部,在省会城市卢本巴希(Lubumbashi)西北约175公里。洛阳钼业表示,去年Tenke钴产量为1.6万吨,其钴储量还可继续开采25年。“Chinese strategists have long seen the DRC as one of the prime places for Chinese access to raw material, including cobalt,” says Alex Vines, head of the Africa programme at Chatham House. “I’ve always suspected the natural resources-for infrastructure model that happened in Angola was actually a testing of a model they wanted to deploy in the DRC.”“中国战略家们长期以来一直将刚果民主共和国视为中国获得包括钴在内的原材料的理想地之一,”英国皇家国际事务研究所(Chatham House)非洲项目负责人亚历克斯#8226;瓦因斯(Alex Vines)表示,“我一直怀疑在安哥拉推行的自然资源换基础设施模式实际上是一次测试,中国人希望将这种模式应用在刚果民主共和国。”Around 93 per cent of China’s cobalt units originate in the DRC, according to analysts at Macquarie, the highest proportion of commodity supply from a single country. That is unlike other battery commodities such as lithium, where China can supply 17 per cent of its own supply.麦格理(Macquarie)的分析师表示,中国约93%的钴原料来自刚果民主共和国,这是由单个国家供应大宗商品的最高比例。这还不同于锂等其他电池原料商品,中国国内可以提供17%的锂原料供应。“There’s no other commodity where China is so reliant on a single country,” says Colin Hamilton, an analyst at Macquarie. “When you have that concentration risk they want some degree of security.”“在其他大宗商品上,中国都没有如此依赖单个国家,”麦格理分析师科林#8226;汉密尔顿(Colin Hamilton)表示,“当面临这种集中度风险时,他们需要某种程度的安全保障。”The move into cobalt partly reflects the rise of Asian battery companies, which aly account for the bulk of the world’s production of lithium-ion batteries, the main type of battery used in most modern electrical devices, from smartphones to electric vehicles. Over 90 per cent of new lithium-ion battery manufacturing projects in the pipeline are expected to be in China.进军钴矿开采在一定程度上反映出亚洲电池企业的崛起,全球很大一部分锂离子电池——从智能手机到电动汽车的多数现代电子设备普遍使用的电池类型——都由亚洲电池企业生产。在新规划的锂电池生产项目中,逾90%预计将落户中国。The main exception is Tesla Motor’s giant new gigafactory under construction in Nevada. The company is ramping up production of its new Model 3 mass market car, aiming for 500,000 vehicles by 2018, though analysts question where it will source the raw materials for its batteries.一个主要的例外是特斯拉在内华达州的在建新锂电池超级工厂。特斯拉正在提高新大众车型Model 3的产量,目标是到2018年年产50万辆,但分析师质疑它将从哪里获得制造电池所需要的原材料。While battery makers are reducing the amount of cobalt they use in favour of other metals such as nickel or manganese, it is not expected to fall below 10 to 20 per cent in the most popular battery technologies for cars in the 2015-2020 timeframe, according to Adam Collins, an analyst at Liberum.Liberum的分析师亚当#8226;柯林斯(Adam Collins)表示,虽然电池制造商正在减少钴的使用量,而更多地采用镍、锰等其他金属,但在2015至2020年期间,在最受欢迎的汽车电池技术中,钴所占比例预计不会下降至10%至20%以下。Belgium-based Umicore, which supplies cathode materials to major battery makers, said last month it would triple production of nickel-manganese-cobalt materials at its plants in South Korea and China over the next three years. That was confirmation the NMC cathode is “the technology of choice for the vast majority of platforms”, the company’s CEO Marc Grynberg said.为大型电池制造商提供阴极材料、总部位于比利时的Umicore公司上月表示,将在未来3年将其韩国和中国工厂的镍锰钴合金材料产量提高2倍。该公司首席执行官马克#8226;格林贝格(Marc Grynberg)表示,这相当于确认镍锰钴阴极材料为“绝大多数平台的首选技术”。“This is unlikely to change in the near future and the technology road map shows NMC as having great potential to enable batteries to reach the car manufacturers’ target in terms of both driving range and system costs,” he said.他说:“这不大可能在不久的将来发生变化,技术发展蓝图显示,镍锰钴材料有巨大的潜力,能够让电池在汽车行驶里程和系统成本两项上都达到汽车制造商的目标。”Still, there are some versions of the lithium-ion battery, such as the lithium iron phosphate technology, that does not use any cobalt. But while such batteries are safer, analysts say they lack the energy density of other lithium-ion technologies, limiting their uses.不过,还有一些其他类型的锂离子电池——如磷酸锂铁技术——不使用任何钴原料。虽然此类电池更安全,但分析人士表示,由于达不到其他锂离子技术的储能密度,它们的应用受到了限制。“Though we don’t believe the narrative that there is a cobalt crisis,” said Chris Berry, an analyst at House Mountain Partners in New York. “We do see higher looming cobalt prices as China plays the ‘long game’ to dominate the cobalt supply chain.”“虽然我们不认为钴供应出现了危机,”纽约House Mountain Partners的分析师克里斯#8226;贝里(Chris Berry)说,“但随着中国长远布局以主导钴的供应链,钴价肯定会出现上涨。” /201605/446653Taiwan is set to be the first place in Asia to allow gay marriage after a landmark ruling by the island’s constitutional court.在台湾司法院做出具有里程碑意义的裁决后,台湾将成为亚洲首个允许同性婚姻的地区。The court said existing laws stipulating wedlock must be between a man and a woman “was in violation of both the people’s freedom of marriage?.?.?.?and the people’s right to equality”.“台湾司法院表示,现行法律中关于婚姻必须是一男一女结合的规定违反人民婚姻自由及人民平等权。Sexual orientation is an immutable characteristic that is immutable to change,” said the court, also known as the Judicial Yuan. “The freedom of marriage for two persons of the same sex .?.?.?will constitute the collective basis, together with opposite-sex marriage, for a stable society.”台湾司法院表示,性取向是不可改变的特征,同性婚姻自由与异性婚姻一样,将共同构成稳定社会的基础。The ruling is a first for the world’s largest continent, where more conservative countries including China do not recognise same-sex unions and in some cases are taking a harder line against homosexuality. It also confirms Taiwan’s reputation as one of Asia’s most socially liberal societies.该裁决在这个世界最大洲是首例,包括中国大陆在内的更保守的地区并不认可同性结合,有的还对同性恋采取了更强硬的态度。这也实了台湾地区作为亚洲最自由社会之一的名声。“This is definitely one of the most exciting moments in the history of LGBT rights in Taiwan,” said Leslie Li, a student at National Taiwan University in Taipei.“这肯定是台湾LGBT(女同性恋、男同性恋、双性恋及跨性别者群体)权利历史上最激动人心的时刻之一,”位于台北的台湾大学(National Taiwan University)的学生Leslie Li表示。China has claimed sovereignty over Tai-wan since 1949 when the Chinese Com-munist party defeated its rival the Nationalist party, or Kuomintang, in a civil war. The KMT lost last year’s Taiwan presidential election to the pro-independence Democratic Progressive party, which supported gay marriage.自1949年中国共产党在内战中打败其对手国民党以来,中国大陆一直宣称对台湾地区拥有主权。去年,国民党在台湾总统大选中输给了持独立的民进党。民进党持同性婚姻。Members of China’s LGBT community hailed the ruling. “It will form an important part of our strategy for the LGBT rights movement in China and be a good guide for Chinese law,” said Wei Xiaogang, executive director of Beijing Gender, a non-governmental organisation that lobbies for LGBT rights.中国大陆LGBT群体为这项裁决欢呼。“这将构成大陆LGBT权利运动战略的重要部分,并很好地指引大陆法律,”为LGBT权利进行游说的非政府组织北京纪安德咨询中心(Beijing Gender)执行主任魏建刚表示。“Mainland couples will go to Taiwan to get married,” Mr Wei predicted. “And Taiwanese LGBT people will be able to marry their mainland partners.”“大陆的伴侣将前往台湾结婚,”魏建刚预计,“台湾LGBT群体将可以与他们的大陆伴侣结婚。”The Chinese government in Beijing is suspicious of Taiwan’s president and DPP standard-bearer, Tsai Ing-wen, fearing her efforts to promote the isl-a-nd’s cultural distinctiveness are really aimed at advancing her party’s indepen-d-ence platform. Ms Tsai’s win in Janu-ary last year made her the first democratically elected female ruler of a Chinese society.中国政府对台湾总统、民进党领导人蔡英文(Tsai Ing-wen)持怀疑态度,担心她推动台湾文化独特性的努力实际上是为了推进其政党的台独纲领。蔡英文在去年1月赢得台湾大选,使得她成为了中国社会中通过民主选举产生的首位女性统治者。“Taiwan’s progress is rooted in its soc-ial system and tolerance,” said Shi Ful-ong, a lawyer who tried to help a Chinese gay couple register their marriage two years ago. The application was rejected.“台湾的进步根源于它的社会制度和包容性,”两年前试图帮助大陆一对同性伴侣登记结婚的律师石伏龙表示。该申请被驳回。“In China, we are only at the starting point when it come to legalising same-sex marriage,” Mr Shi added. “The government needs to consider social customs and public acceptance. I think it will take another 20 years.石伏龙称:“在大陆,我们在同性婚姻合法化问题上才刚刚起步。政府需要考虑社会习俗和公众的接受程度。我认为这还需要20年的时间。””Gay marriage is also not recognised in the Chinese “special administrative reg-ions” of Hong Kong and Macau, where the Roman Catholic Church, which has no diplomatic ties with mainland China, remains a powerful institution.中国香港和特别行政区也不承认同性婚姻,那里的罗马天主教会(Roman Catholic Church,与中国内地没有外交关系)仍然是影响力强大的机构。Xin Ying, director of the Beijing LGBT centre, said: “Taiwan’s move will propel LGBT movements across Asia.”北京同志中心(Beijing LGBT Centre)主任辛莹(音译)表示,“台湾此举将推动整个亚洲的LGBT运动。” /201705/511724Living near a main road increases the risk of dementia, the first major research into air pollution and disease has shown.首项研究空气污染与疾病关系的重要调查发现,住在主干道旁边有可能增加患痴呆的风险。A decade-long study of 6.6 million people, published in The Lancet, found that one in 10 dementia deaths in people living within 50 metres of a busy road was attributable to fumes and noise.该研究时长超过十年,参与样本超过660万人并发表在医学期刊《柳叶刀》上面。研究结果表明,在居住在嘈杂路段50米范围内的痴呆症死亡患者中,有十分之一的患者病因可归因为尾气和噪音。There was a linear decline in deaths the further people lived away from heavy traffic.结果表明,离车水马龙的道路越远,他们的死亡率越低,且呈直线下降。Air pollution is aly known to contribute to the deaths of around 40,000 people in Britain each year by exacerbating respiratory and heart conditions, while previous research showed emissions can cause brain shrinkage.我们已经知道空气污染可引起呼吸系统及心脏健康的恶化,每年造成近乎4万英国人死亡。此前的研究还表明,尾气排放会引起大脑萎缩。But the new study by Canadian public health scientists is the first to find a link between living close to heavy traffic and the onset of dementia, a discovery described as ;plausible; and ;impressive; by British experts.然而,加拿大公共健康方面的科学家们最新的研究,却第一次找到住在马路旁和患痴呆几率上升之间的关系。这次发现被英国科学家们称之为“可信的”及“令人震惊的”。Dr Hong Chen, the lead author from Public Health Ontario, said:本次研究结果的首席作者、加拿大安大略省公共医疗局陈宏(音)士表示:;Our study suggests that busy roads could be a source of environmental stressors that could give rise to the onset of dementia.;“我们的研究结果表明繁忙的交通有可能成为一种加大患痴呆几率的环境压力源。”;Increasing population growth and urbanisation has placed many people close to heavy traffic, and with widesp exposure to traffic and growing rates of dementia, even a modest effect from near-road exposure could pose a large public health burden.;“人口增长及城市化让许多人住在繁忙路段附近,大范围接触到繁忙交通,老年痴呆病患上升。住在路边的一般影响也有可能严重危及公共健康。”;More research to understand this link is needed, particularly into the effects of different aspects of traffic, such as air pollutants and noise. Around 850,000 people suffer from dementia in Britain, and it is now the leading cause of death for both men and women.;“我们需要做更多研究明这样的联系,特别是对交通各种不同方面的影响,比方说空气污染物及噪声。在英国,约85万人身患痴呆。痴呆现在已经是人们死亡的主要原因之一了。”There has been concern that air pollution could be driving neurodegenerative conditions for many years.有担心者表示,空气污染很有可能导致多年的神经退化。Last year British scientists discovered tiny magnetic particles produced by car engines and brakes in the brains of people diagnosed with Alzheimer#39;s disease.去年,英国科学家在阿尔兹海默症患者的脑部发现了汽车发动机和刹车系统排放出的磁粒子。In the new study, the team tracked all adults aged between 20 and 85 living in Ontario for more than a decade from 2001 to 2012. They used postcodes to determine how close people lived to a main road and analysed medical records to see if they went on to develop dementia, Parkinson#39;s disease or multiple sclerosis.最新的这次研究从2001年到2012年跨越10年,研究人员追踪了住在安大略省的人们,年龄跨度涵盖20岁到85岁。他们用邮编来确认大家住得离主干道有多近,并进一步分析他们的医疗记录,分析他们会不会得老年痴呆、帕金森或者是多发性硬化。Over the study period, more than 243,000 people developed dementia, 31,500 people developed Parkinson#39;s disease and 9,250 people developed multiple sclerosis.在研究过程中,超过24.3万人患上了老年痴呆,约3.15万人患上了帕金森,而有9250人得了多发性硬化。While there was no association between living near a road and Parkinson#39;s disease or multiple sclerosis, dementia risk reduced as people lived further from a main road, with a 7 percent higher risk in developing dementia among those living within 50 metres; a 4 percent higher risk at 50-100 metres and a 2 percent higher risk at 101-200 metres.目前还没有找到住得离繁忙路段远近和患帕金森或多发性硬化几率的联系,然而人们住得离主干道越远,患老年痴呆的几率就会下降。这些住所离主干道50米之内的人患痴呆的几率会高7%,50-100米内,几率会高4%,而距离在101-200米内几率会高2%。After 200 metres there was no increase.距离超过两百米后,就几乎没有什么显著的影响了。Researchers believe that noise of traffic may also play a role in the raised risk as well as other urban pollution, which is often present near busy roads.研究者相信交通噪音及其他城市污染也很有可能是导致风险增加的原因。这在嘈杂路段非常常见。 /201701/487656

The obstacles facing this weekend’s global climate change accord were thrown into relief last night when businesses and government officials played down its impact and US Republicans underlined their opposition.周末达成的全球气候变化协议所面临的障碍昨晚表露无遗,企业和政府官员纷纷淡化其影响,而美国共和党明确反对。The Paris agreement, which requires all countries to regularly publish plans to deal with global warming, was hailed by international leaders as a turning point after more than 20 years of effort to make this century the last to be powered by fossil fuels.巴黎协议要求所有国家定期发布应对全球变暖的计划。该协议被世界领导人誉为一个转折点。此前各方努力了20多年,力求使本世纪成为依靠化石燃料提供能源的最后一个世纪。German chancellor Angela Merkel said the deal was “the first time that the entire world community has obligated itself to act in the battle against global climate change”, while Pope Francis cautioned it would need the “concerted effort and generous dedication”. It was adopted by nearly 200 nations.德国总理安格拉默克尔(Angela Merkel)表示,该协议代表着“整个国际社会首次承担抗击全球气候变化的行动义务”,而教皇方济各(Pope Francis)告诫称,它需要“齐心协力和慷慨奉献”。这份协议已被近200个国家签署。But coal and oil industry executives shrugged off any suggestion the new agreement sealed in Paris on Saturday night would have any immediate impact on their businesses. The goals include driving down carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels as soon as possible to limit global warming to “well below” 2°C from pre-industrial times and perhaps as little as 1.5°C, a target requiring much deeper emissions cuts than most countries are planning.但是,煤炭和石油业高管并不认为上周六晚在巴黎达成的协议会立即对他们的业务产生任何影响。协议中的目标包括,尽快减少源自化石燃料的二氧化碳排放,以求把相对于工业化时代以前的全球升温幅度限制在远低于2摄氏度的水平,或许低至1.5摄氏度,这个目标所要求的减排力度超出多数国家的现有规划。Amber Rudd, the UK energy and climate change secretary, described the 1.5°C goal as merely “aspirational” while defending the UK government’s decision last month to scrap 1bn in funding for carbon capture systems that could hold emissions down. “I don’t think it was a mistake,” she said.英国能源和气候变化大臣安布尔拉德(Amber Rudd)形容1.5摄氏度的升温上限目标只是“理想”而已,她还为英国政府上月决定放弃为碳捕获系统提供10亿英镑资金(此类系统有望减少排放)进行辩护。“我不认为那是一个错误,”她说。Benjamin Sporton, head of the World Coal Association, said he did not see the new agreement spurring a “massive change at the moment” for companies that produce coal because many developing nations plan to keep burning it.世界煤炭协会(World Coal Association)主席本杰明斯伯顿(Benjamin Sporton)表示,他看不出新协议马上就会刺激煤炭生产企业作出“巨大变化”,因为许多发展中国家计划继续燃烧煤炭。He said the pact was likely to force governments to focus more on carbon capture systems because they would be vital for meeting their goals.他说,该协议有可能迫使各国政府更加专注于碳捕获系统,因为它们对于达到减排目标将是至关重要的。The American Petroleum Institute said it was still reviewing the accord, but Amjad Bseisu, chief executive of EnQuest, a UK oil explorer , said the oil industry had more immediate concerns beyond the Paris Agreement.美国石油学会(API)表示,它仍在审议该协议,但英国石油勘探企业EnQuest的首席执行官Amjad Bseisu表示,石油业目前有着比巴黎协议更紧迫的关切。“This is a very slow process. We aly look at our carbon costs, but right now the industry has other challenges [with the falling oil price].”“这是一个非常缓慢的过程。我们已经研究了自己的碳排放成本,但(随着油价下跌)眼下行业还有其他挑战。”In the US, Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senate majority leader, questioned the Paris deal, saying that the US portion relied on measures championed by president Barck Obama that were being challenged in the courts.在美国,共和党参议院多数党领袖米奇麦康奈尔(Mitch McConnell)质疑巴黎协议,称涉及美国的部分依赖于巴拉克攠巴马(Barack Obama)持的措施,而这些措施正在法庭上受到质疑。But World Bank president Jim Yong Kim said the deal was “a game-changer” that should prompt companies to shift to low carbon business opportunities.但世界行长金墉(Jim Yong Kim)表示,该协议是“改变游戏规则的一件事”,应该促使企业转向低碳商机。Still, many scientists questioned the prospect of governments being able to reach either the 2°C or 1.5°C goal in the agreement.话虽如此,对于各国政府能不能达到协议中2摄氏度或1.5摄氏度的升温上限目标,许多科学家表示怀疑。 /201512/416225

What do you do if your nation has a severe water shortage and happens to be located in a bona fide desert?如果你的国家严重缺水又正好位于茫茫沙漠,你会怎么做?If you have the resources, you turn to technology, which is what a company in the oil-rich ed Arab Emirates is looking to do.如果你有资本,便可以借助技术的力量。一家位于产油大国阿联酋的公司正准备这么做。The country, which gets less than four inches of rain per year, could solve its issue with water scarcity by towing icebergs from Antarctica to its shores.阿联酋这个国家的年降水量不足101.6毫米,不过只要从南极运冰山过来,就可以解决缺水问题。It could take up to a year to bring an iceberg from Antarctica to Fujairah.冰山从南极运到富查伊拉(七个酋长国之一)可能花上一年时间。Once the iceberg is at UAE shores, the ice above the waterline would be chipped off, crushed into drinking water, which would then be stored in large water tanks and filtered.一旦冰山到达阿联酋海岸,水面以上的部分会被切下来压碎,融化成淡水,然后保存在巨大的水缸里并过滤。The iceberg would also have a broader impact.冰山还会发挥更大的作用。The more icebergs, the more water vapor and clouds, creating a profound effect on the regional climate over a decade, turning the desert into “green meadows”.运来的冰山越多,蒸发形成的水汽就越多,云量增加,会对区域气候带来深远的影响,十年后,当地的沙漠就会变成“绿草地”。The melting icebergs would also add fresh water to the Arabian sea, returning biodiversity by balancing out the brine discharge from desalination plants.冰山融化会为阿拉伯海注入更多淡水,逐渐抵消海水淡化厂排放的浓盐水,从而恢复当地海域的生物多样性。There would also be a boost for tourism from all the people interested in looking at the icebergs.冰山还会吸引众多游客前来参观,因而当地旅游业也会增长。The company has so far ran simulations and feasibility studies and looks to start the project in early 2018.目前,这家公司已经开展了模拟和可行性研究,预计2018年初能够开始这项运冰山的壮举。 /201705/509209

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